Green Power from Piezo-Trees

I want to generate and store power using piezoelectric elements attached to trees that harvest power from their swaying motion in the wind.

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I want to show proof of concept for an idea I had back in high school to generate power from trees swaying in the wind using piezoelectric elements attached (or genetically engineered) to their branches. This project is to determine the amount of power possible from this source as well as it's limitations and road blocks. In the future (when resources become available) I would like to attempt to genetically engineer piezioelectric proteins into the xylem and/or phloem of trees to create a voltage gradient along their length. The trunks can them be tapped with a charging circuit to provide green power to rural areas. The amount of constant movement that large trees experience in even a mild wind is substantial. Also the idea that, once engineered, power harvesting trees can be grown from a simple seed is very intriguing. I want to explore this concept and hopefully get help from the engineer and maker community to develop it.

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