Safe Pill Dispenser

Aiming to simplify medication dispensing for seniors

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Developing on from the electronic timed pill bottles this project aims to make it even simpler and safer.

The automatic pill dispenser will have several receptacles for pills to be stored in which gravity feed to a pill counter that will dispense a single pill at a time through the output slot. Each receptacle is programmable for pill frequency.

The system will alert with colour and sound when a pill needs to be taken, if no user action occurs within a set time limit then the system will call a specified land-line/mobile phone to remind the user to take their pills, after another set time period it will call an emergency contact number.

To retrieve pills the user simply presses the dispense button beneath an active (illuminated) pill box. The dispenser will not give out additional pills until the next scheduled time unless a user override command is given.

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zenericwild wrote 06/13/2015 at 10:19 point

I'm thinking about this too.  I am a senior pill taker.  Some of my tablets come in sealed foil bubble packs which would need to be cut up into individual doses.  Auto delivery of  different sizes might cause jamming so the packaging would need to be cut close to the edge of the pill.  An auto cutter would be a mechanical challenge.

A useful addition to your spec might be an alert to a carer if the senior requests the same pill again before it is due.  This would help those with dementia, who have forgotten they already took that dose.

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