Considering the painting, i love opaque black color combined to chrome yellow so the first thing i decided to do, was to repaint it.

Considering the total weight of the drone for the FC40 addiction, i suggest to remove useless plastics combining all things with rubber-bands to save as weight as possible.

Considering the wallet, the purchase cost was:

- Syma X5C Drone: 89,00 euro

- DJI FC40 WiFi 2.4GHz Camera: 59,00 euro

- Extended antenna for TX: 3,00 euro

- Android 4,3" Tablet for FC40 App: 29,00 euro

- Smartphone holder for bike: 3,50 euro

- Opaque Black Spray Paint (for body): 3,50 euro

- Chrome Yellow Spray Paint (for propellers): 3,50 euro

- Hackaday adhesive: 1,00 euro

Total: 191,50 euro.

Not bad considering the quality of both drone and DJI camera.

Have a good hackaday!