HackadayPrize2016 entry log

A project log for Flypi - cheap microscope/experimental setup

Pi + Picamera + M12 lens + Arduino microscope/experimental setup for diagnostics and scientific experiments!

Andre Maia ChagasAndre Maia Chagas 05/31/2016 at 19:110 Comments

Scientists need to have the proper tools to perform experiments and test their ideas. These tools are expensive, because they normally use cutting edge technology and are produced in "small" quantities by only a handful of companies. This ends up restricting who and where research is being done, which aggravates the situation in a lot of places where simple research could bring a lot of improvement to society.

Our project aims are:

-Development of a cheap (so far a complete set is ~100-150 US$) open source microscopy system capable of

--- Recording photos (time lapse and single snaps) and videos

--- Analysis of recorded data (motion tracking, time series of the time lapses)

--- using cutting edge tools in neuroscience to both stimulate and record activity from neuronal tissue

--- portable enough so it can be taken to the remote areas/fit in the DIY biolab garage

--- Diagnostics - imaging of prepared samples of human tissue that might or not be infected with parasites (so far tested with parasites from the digestive system)

--- Being used as am educational tool. An intro into the basics of microcontrollers, electronic circuits, 3D printing and programming

--- Last but not least, it is also modular. If one is only interested in microscopy, them only the Rasperry pi, the PiCamera and the main frame will suffice. If special lighting is necessary, them LEDs of all sorts can be added, If positioning is important, up to three cheap 3-axis micromanipulators (manually or servo adjusted) can be attached to the main frame. And since all programming is done in python classes, adding new features should be fairly straight forward