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Experiments with Decentralized VR/AR Infrastructure, Neural Networks, and 3D Internet.

alusionalusion 07/16/2016 at 07:060 Comments

Making Edgy Art with Neural Networks

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I used generate faces from neural networks for the particles in this scene. More than 100K images are crawled from online communities and those images are cropped by using openface which is a face recognition framework. The code can be found here:




Link to album:

Metaverse Inventory System

The JanusVR UI is an HTML webpage that anybody can edit. Recently a community member created a badass inventory system that uses js-ipfs backend for uploading files to IPFS and storing the hashes in one's inventory. This system is a game changer, allowing anybody to easily upload anything or grab objects from other peoples sites and take it with them. See this in action in video below:

It is really easy to setup IPFS on windows now, just download the binary from and extract to your downloads folder. Next, it is useful to add the path to the binary to your environment variables on windows so that you can start the daemon more easily from anywhere. I wrote out the steps to do that here:

After these steps, you can open a powershell or command prompt and type ipfs init then ipfs daemon and begin to use IPFS on your local system as a full node.

I quickly made a gallery by adding the folder of heads to IPFS then drag and dropping all the links from the websurface. Janus will automatically create the markup of the page with localhost links on all of the assets (since I requested it via localhost:8080/ipfs/<hash>). I copied the source code and then hashed the text file, now I can visit the VR site from any computer running IPFS and have it load as fast as the medium of our p2p connection.

heads.html QmVTUr9vRv53MxbrnHGvvDHuUeTK2f2FgHcbRAMsxt4Uxc

To add an object to your inventory, select the object (middle click) and then click the icon on the bottom left with the hand over the circle (2nd from left). You can create folders to organize things more nicely. The current process behind the scenes is a proof of concept and has ways to go for a more proper implementation but it works and you can bring your assets (objects / images / sounds) with you to anywhere else around the metaverse all while exploring and collecting more assets from other sites you visit.

The inventory is so much more powerful and fun when you get together with a few of your friends. Below is a video that is sped up 4x with 4 of my friends that also have the IPFS inventory UI world building in the JanusVR sandbox room. You can see how in 10 minutes we are able to create an entire map.

Link to IPFS Inventory UI (extract to Janus/assets/2dui/)

Building in VR album

Link to room in JanusVR