First Prototype Board Assembled

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Malti is a low cost open source handheld Linux platform that makes experimenting with and learning about electronics easier

jayda-vanJayda Van 04/10/2015 at 12:312 Comments

Our board finally came from OSHPark! After a night of SMD soldering it's finally done.

Note: The original name for this project has changed thanks mostly to Rita.

What's Next:

We're using this prototype board to start work on driver support for the TCA814. This neat little chip controls all 59 keys in matrix configuration and takes care of the debouncing for us. Also, we have the battery charging circuit and voltage regulator on the same PCB so we can get a realistic estimate of battery life.


Jayda Van wrote 10/17/2015 at 05:28 point

So stuff like that doesn't happen at the driver level it's dependent on your key map which is dependent on which distro you're using. Look up show showkeys, dumpkeys and loadkeys. I can't remember how you do it for X Server. I'm looking at using key map management built into QT to do stuff like that so I can't help you much but the info is out there. I ran into something envoling the fn( function keys) on laptops. That might be a good place to start.

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andrew wrote 10/17/2015 at 00:38 point

This is great info, thanks! I was wondering... suppose you wanted to set up some key bindings with the tca8418 Similar to an OSX keyboard where pressing CTRL plus F1 would set a GPIO pin to a certain value. Where would be the best place to do that? Can you set up a binding like that in the device tree?

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