Ready for the Sci-Fi Contest !

A project log for GLaDOs Replica for RORI

A robot for a personnal assistant : RORI

AmarOkAmarOk 04/28/2014 at 14:270 Comments

I am very happy today to say I am ready to present GLaDOs at the Sci-Fi Contest.

GLaDOs works (help me, she watchs me with her terrifying RGB LED and ask me if I want some cake) but one servomotor is missing (I got it this week-end) for the base.

Moreover, I will do alot of work to finish this project. Indeed, I must replace non free things like Google TTS/STT. I must develop RORI for a lot of other projects. And make a beautiful transport box too.

I want to say thank you to all people who help me (Nomis, peterboy, people who print my parts, and people who support me), Thank you.

I will continue this project or an other project (I have a lot of idea and I want to make a lot of other robots with a better finition).