A project log for GLaDOs Replica for RORI

A robot for a personnal assistant : RORI

AmarOkAmarOk 03/22/2014 at 19:440 Comments


OLD VIDEOS (Go to the third video if you want a recent one)

First video. Sorry it is in french. The User Interface is very ugly, but it is an old test. You can see voice control (using Google...), some questions, some function (mute, lock, navigate on the Internet, sort a forum and show some interesting topics, run some software).

The second video is in french too. It is the demonstration of the linux client (with the final interface). We can see new function like the generation of an avatar and the search of some pictures in the computer:


And a recent video where we can see RORI's server and me who control the computer with the RORI's Android application and the new text-to-speech using Google (not espeak or festival). It is the first video in english :). You can control the Android App with the voice (but it is difficult to film correctly, so i use the keyboard):

PS: Sometimes, RORI doesn't execute some function. It is normal, if you give an order to RORI and if RORI is hungry, it doesn't respond (or if RORI doesn't want to answer). And if the answer is too long, the text-to-speech doesn't work.

So, this is an other video where we can see GLaDOs controlled by the Arduino, then we can see the camera, then controlled by RORI and finally some photos :

Soon, a demonstration of GLaDOs with a motor in the base.