Custom PCB Design

A project log for NeoPixel SmartWatch

A first attempt at a wearable that interacts with Android notifications and has a few other neat features.

dominicDominic 05/26/2015 at 13:460 Comments

The current split design of the watch is a good test of the software, but could really use some improvements hardware-wise. My goal is to shrink down the footprint considerably and have the battery, circuit board(s) and neopixel ring as one piece on my wrist. The main challenge is to make the package thinner. To do this I've designed a circuit board that replaces all the messy wiring. Not only does this allow the watch to be thinner, but it also decreases the chance of wires being under tension and breaking. The design also incorporates tv-b-gone hardware in the top right corner which I thought was a cool addition. Since I'm not sending this to a board printing shop, I just used autoCAD to create a simple two sided design.