TI Launchpad Arcade Control to USB Interface

Code to turn a TI Tiva C Launchpad into an arcade control to USB interface

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Here is my project code for using the TI Tiva C Launchpad as a USB interface for arcade controls. The code is working as is, and presents to the host as a composite HID device containing two 8 button digital gamepads and a 2 button mouse.

The code under Launchpad Mame Control in my GitHub repository will turn your TI Launchpad into a USB arcade control interface.  Unmodified, you will get two 8 button digital gamepads and a two button mouse.  The pinouts are documented in the readme.  The mouse device is configured for use with either an arcade trackball or two arcade spinners using the Quadrature Encoder Inputs built into the Tiva C hardware.

  • 1 × TI Tiva C Launchpad
  • 2 × 2x10 IDC Ribbon Cable connectors
  • 2 × 20 Conductor Ribbon Cable

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    Step 1


    TI Tiva C Launchpad firmware for Mame USB arcade controls adapter

    This project is intended to design firmware for the TI Tiva C Launchpad development board to enable it to be used as a USB gamepad/mouse adapter for arcade and other emulators.

    Version 0.0.1 - Initial Commit

    Device shows up as two digital gamepads and a mouse. Gamepad one has 12 buttons, gamepad two has 8 buttons, and the mouse has two buttons.

    Pinout -

    Port A Pins 0-7 - Gamepad One buttons 1-8

    Port B Pins 0-7 - Gamepad Two buttons 1-8

    Port C Pins 0-3 - Gamepad One buttons 9-12

    Port C Pin 5 - Mouse Y Axis PHA

    Port C Pin 6 - Mouse Y Axis PHB

    Port D Pins 0-3 - Gamepad One D-Pad

    Port D Pin 4 - USB D- (Onboard USB Device Port)

    Port D Pin 5 - USB D+ (Onboard USB Device Port)

    Port D Pin 6 - Mouse X Axis PHA

    Port D Pin 7 - Mouse X Axis PHB

    Port E Pins 0-1 - Mouse Buttons

    Port E Pins 2-5 - Gamepad Two D-Pad

    Port F Pin 4 - User SW1 (Onboard Button One)

    Port F Pins 1-3 - Status LED (Onboard RGB LED)

    User SW1 onboard is used to place the board in programming mode as Port C Pins 0-3 are shared between the JTAG pins and Gamepad One Buttons 9-12. Port A Pins 0-1 are Serial RX/TX on the Launchpad board. These pins are all accessible on an unpopulated pin header row between the two large IC's on the board. All other pins are accessible on the Launchpad headers. R9 and R10 must be removed from the Launchpad board as the connect PD0/1 with PB6/7 for compatibility with older booster packs, but will cause those problems for this project.

    Folder Structure

    If you would like to just flash your Launchpad using the LM Flash Programmer Utility, the .bin file is located in the Debug folder of usb_dev_mame.

    For those who wish to modify/build the package themselves, you will need Code Creator Studio 5.4 and TivaWare 1.1 from the TI website.

    Replace usb-ids.h and usbhid.h in the \ti\TivaWare_C_Series-1.1\usblib with the corresponding files in the usblib folder of this distribution. Place usbdhidmame.c and usbdhidmame.h from the usblib\device folder into the \ti\TivaWare_C_Series-1.1\usblib\device folder.

    Place the usb_dev_mame folder into the \ti\TivaWare_C_Series-1.1\examples\boards\ek-tm4c123gxl folder.

    Open CCS and create a new project. Import the driverlib and usblib projects from the TivaWare package as well as the usb_dev_mame project. Add filesystem links to usbdhidmame.h and usbdhidmame.c in the device folder of the usblib project. Rebuild first the driverlib and usblib projects, then you should be able to successfully build the usb_dev_mame project.

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How could I go about adding the middle mouse button?

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