Eldercare Data-Logging Exercise Machine

Exercise improves health & independence. In-home recumbent bike logs date, duration, and strength. Notes changes for intervention.

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Aging in place retirees often have declining physical ability to contend with. Issues like mobility, balance, ability to run errands like shopping, are closely related to their physical strength. Introducing frequent exercise would reduce the physical rate of decline and stave off associated medical problems (ex: obesity, hypertension, blood pressure, depression, balance).

This project idea is to outfit a common recumbent exercise pedaling machine with meters and communications. Data log the exercise statistics to see their frequency of exercise, and chart their apparent strength and endurance changes. Regularly communicate this data over local Wifi to concerned parties (ex: doctors, children, etc) and alert them to any positive or negative progress.

In this way, elders will be encouraged to exercise improving their health situation and independence. And in this way if sudden physical strength changes occur, early attention can be summoned.

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