Drawstring Bag Fix

I have had this bag for 5 years and I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. So the first print after I calibrated my printer was this.

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It a simple fix for draw string bags with strings that break

I would like to be considered as a student entry in the "Repairs you can 3d print" project

I probably could have gotten a new drawstring bag but this was with be form 6th grade to 9th and i still use it to this day.

It has an inner diamiter of 10mm (3/8in) and an outer diamiter 38mm (1.5in) so it will not work for all bags feal free to edit it how you want. 

This was the first was thing i ever designed and it was made with an anet a8 and it was designed with thinkercad.

string holder.stl

the strin holder u need 2 of

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 36.02 kB - 02/12/2018 at 08:32


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    The bag need to have a knot and a passtrew hole if it does not you may need to make a knot or cut the bag. This will not work for all bags it has a inner diamiter of 10 mm (3/8in) and a outer diamiter of 38mm (1.5in).

    so you may need to edit it for your bag.

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    Printed parts

    Print 2 of the string holder parts.

    I would recimend using rafts suports and 100% infill.

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    Zip tie together tightly

    Use 2 small zipties to fasten them together tightly.

    If you can use a plyer to grip the zip tie.  You want it to be snug.

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