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Using a low cost braille printer using the open source project

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Making a low-cost Braille printer using the existing open source braille project. We are making this project to make it cheaper and more accessible to visually disabled people.This project is inspired by an open source project named OpenBraille which is made by Carlos Campos.(
  • 1 × All the components are listed in the above link.

  • Assemblying the components to form the printer

    akashupase02/13/2018 at 12:32 0 comments

    We followed the instructions that were provided in the Instructable OpenBraille project and fixed the different components.

    The required parts were drilled into the wooden frame and other components were fit as well to make the entire structure.

  • Filing of the 3D components

    akashupase02/13/2018 at 12:24 0 comments

    Since the 3D printed components were not precise and their supports were protruding out, we had to file them the extra part to make them precise.

  • Modifications made in the wheel attached to the pin head

    akashupase02/13/2018 at 12:20 0 comments

    We made modifications in the wheel that is attached to the pin head encoder. The 3d printed wheel had some gap between them due to which there were levelling issues. Due to this problem the wheel had stability issues and was toppling.

    We attached some padding (Double Sided Tape)

    on both the surfaces of the wheel in order to give it some stability.

  • Fabricating Pin head encoder

    akashupase02/12/2018 at 13:53 0 comments

    We fabricated the pin head encoder of the braille printer. The part was 3-d printed and also the nails were made according to the design provided in the Instructable project guideline

  • Laser printing the body of the project

    akashupase02/12/2018 at 13:41 0 comments

    We laser printed the body of Open braille using a 10mm wooden plywood. We made the design on Autodesk Fusion 360 using the dimension provided in the Instructable project.

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    Step 1: Getting the Parts

    OpenBraille uses widely available parts on the market. Most of the components are originally used for 3D printers. The brain of the embosser is an arduino mega with a RAMPS board. The following parts are needed for the build:

    Arduino Mega 2560

    RAMPS board

    Stepper Drivers

    End Stops

    Servo Motor



    Lead Screw Rods

    Power supply




    Printer carriage

    10mm wood

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    Step 2: Printing the Parts

    All the parts can be 3D printed. Follow the link and get the files:

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    Step 3: Building the Frame

    We used a 10mm Medium Density Fiber Board(MDF) for the frame. It was laser printed according to the dimensions provided in the picture attached.

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