Prototype 2 - For Mahen (Day 1-Evening)

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Human Machine Interface (Arm)

atharvshringaregtatharvshringaregt 02/12/2018 at 14:220 Comments

After the successful first prototype for Nico, we started with our second prototype for Mahendera. This was a slightly different challenge as this time the length of the rib was slightly less than that of Nico. So we had to approach this one differently.

1. We started by trying to acknowledge and observe the problem in hand.

2. We had a brainstorming session to consider various ideas.

3. Instead of wasting any further time, we then decided to try out the basic method first. So we started with measurements.

4. Then we went through the cutting, heating and moulding the thermoplastic as with the first prototype.

5. Even though the socket was form fitted but still the initial problem existed. So we had to add some supports.

6. The second prototype was not as successful as the first one, though it leaves us with insights on solving this problem tomorrow.

So for today, goodnight!