Quantity   Component name
1 × Thermoplastic This is a type of plastic which changes its flexibility with the temperature.
1 × Velcro Straps These are straps to provide more comfort and adjustability to the prosthetic arm.
1 × PCB Board To mount all the Electronics.
1 × Solder Gun (Tool) To solder the circuit in place.
1 × 3D Printed battery holder A 3D printed holder to mount the Battery pack.
1 × 3D Printed Wrist The 3D printed wrist is the part that interfaces with other adaptions. The file is available for download on the project page
1 × Heat Gun (Tool) This tool is required to heat the thermoplastic to the desired temperature.
2 × 18650 Li-on battery (3.7V) The battery pack that powers all functions of the arm.
1 × Micro USB Module (5V) CJMCU Breakout Power Supply Module Micro USB Interface. To charge the battery pack.
1 × Charger Protection Circuit (7.4V) Battery Charger Circuit Protection Board 7.4V Overcurrent Overload / Overdischarge Protection 4A 2 Series BMS
1 × USB 2.0 Module (12V-5V) 12V to 5V USB Step Down Module DC-DC Converter to charge phone or other electronics using the battery pack.
1 × DC-DC converter (Stepdown 7.4V-5V) Step-down Converter for 18650 Li-ion battery to drop down voltage to 5V for USB 2.0 Module.
1 × QRE1113 IR sensor This sensor is attached to the amputees arm to detect motion and give the output to the hand. (The sensor we used was a hackberry IR sensor, which is the equivalent of the Sparkfun QRE1113)