Ninjaflex LED diffusers

A project log for The Long D

It's a 3D printer that's about 25cm Y axis, 30cm Z axis, and 1.1 meters X axis. It's based on the CoreXY D-Bot. It's the Long D.

BenchoffBenchoff 07/06/2016 at 19:000 Comments

The Original D-Bot includes something I quite like: an LED strip shining light onto the build surface. Since this sort of thing can be expanded into not only illumination but notification e.g. green for a completed print, red for a failed print, etc, I'm adding it to this build.

These LEDs are bright, and somewhat annoying. They need a diffuser, and I have some ninjaflex sitting around.

Does it work? Technically, yes. The space between the LED holes is a bit off, but not enough to matter over the entire length of an entire diffuser. These are the LEDs designed for this diffuser, and the OpenSCAD is below:

//The spacing var can be altered for different LED strips
spacing = 17;


    for(i = [-11.5: spacing: 170]){

What does it look like when printed in Ninjaflex Semiflex Snow?



Slightly more even and glowey. These were affixed to the LED strip with 3M 468MP sheet adhesive, which should be more than strong enough to keep these things from falling down.