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A project log for SensInBed - Foilsensors for noninvasive monitoring

Development of an alternative for expensive and hard to get EmFit-Sensors for noninvasive health-monitoring purposes.

Jan KaemmerlingJan Kaemmerling 04/05/2015 at 11:080 Comments

The hackaday prize is the perfect reason to get my idea off the ground. Just started with my project page here, all is new and I propably have to learn a lot. Any suggestions, corrections and comments are welcome!

Right now I started listing the needed materials and will be sourcing them after Easter. Should come in well below 100€ (EURO) for hopefully lots of sensors in all sizes and shapes.

If there is someone who wants to contribute: If I get my sensors up and running I for shure need someone to help extracting heart- and breathing-patterns from the gathered data to reach a proof of concept level.