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A project log for SensInBed - Foilsensors for noninvasive monitoring

Development of an alternative for expensive and hard to get EmFit-Sensors for noninvasive health-monitoring purposes.

Jan KaemmerlingJan Kaemmerling 04/06/2015 at 09:020 Comments

The very first thing I ordered is CarboStat-Foil. This is carbon-fiber injected foil for ESD-Sensitive packing applications. Carbostat is volumina-conducting and tinkerers found out this stuff can be used for wearable gadgets. If you want to play along try linqstat / velostat as searchterms, tepending on where you live. It is this deep black ESD foil. Adafruit sells sheets of it which may be of interest for small sensors and applications. In Germany I *think* it is carbostat as a equivalent. You can get it in different sizes and thicknesses.

Next thing is copper tape with conductive glue for contacting the foil. This should allow to solder wires on. I would suggest some high quality stuff here for reliability.

I told you it was all of the shelf components, right?

Now, it will take me some time till the materials arrive. I will play around with different ESD-packing stuff I have lying around, but I don't think they will work. What makes those ***stat foils special is the infused carbon fibers.