Wireless Charging Phone MOD

Integrating a qi receiver into a mobile phone

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An Adequate receiver coil is needed for this mod, go for the slimmest you can find, 2 pin and don't go super-cheap. need around 800ma (rated).

It's good to test the coil first with a multimeter if you have one, mine was 4.92V(good) I removed the outside foil from the receiver and noticed the coil worked on its own but when the Phone was on top of the Coil, it did not charge. Placeing the NFC sticker behind the coil shielded the coil and fixed the problem, the nfc coil has to be behind the qi coil anyway i also connected a micro usb cable to it to see if it would actually charge the phone. i recommend this the wire you use needs to be capable of carrying 1a and be small enough to fit. if it dont fit then you may have to start cutting plastic. the receiver i used a nice length of wire anyway

  • 1 × Brain i would recommend having one of these
  • 1 × QI Receiver Coil See details for more info

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    Step 1

    Remove The Back:

    Remove SIM Tray First!!! then unclip your way round with pointy plasitc object

  • 2
    Step 2

    Unscrew the Speaker enclosure:

    There are six screws covering the micro-usb connector that you need to solder to, two have caps which pop out with the help of pointy plasic object there are also different screws so keep track. pull up from micro-usb end to lift off cover

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    Step 3

    Peel Off The NFC Coil:

    Luckily i have a hot air rework gun, using a low temperature and medium air i managed to pull the nfc coil off carefuly. You could probably do without the hot air/hairdryer. it comes off cleanly

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