Perhaps the Raspi was a bad idea

A project log for Gummi Worm Clock

I forgot to build something for the Bay Area Maker Faire Bring A Hack event. I started this on April 7th. The Faire is May 16th.

BenchoffBenchoff 04/29/2015 at 18:380 Comments

I originally designed this as a Raspi Hat for some reason I don't remember. I believe an Internet-connected clock was part of the decision, and of course the blog cred for putting a clock on a Raspi.

I am now reconsidering this choice.

I'm not getting PWM timing that looks good with only software PWM available on the Pi. A microcontroller would be a much better choice, so I'm getting one of these, sticking a Trinket on it, and plugging in the display/clock board.

It's really just a matter of putting the R, G, and B OE signals on different timers... A duino can do it...