Adding bluetooth BLE to the board

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A simple bicycle computer that shows speed and distance on a LCD screen. It works on LiPo batteries and uses a reed switch as sensor.

Clovis FritzenClovis Fritzen 05/05/2015 at 02:190 Comments

Good afternoon everyone,

In case you have not seen yet, I have added the link to the Github code of my bicycle computer (in the links section of this project). I have also added a link to the board schematics on the same place.

Regarding the project functionality, I have tested it on the bench (using an Arduino to simulate the spin of the bike wheel) and I'm proud to to say it works!.

Next step will be adding communications to the bike computer, so that one can connect its cellphone to it; this is where the hackaday's giveaway comes to scene: they are giving away a bunch of bluetooth LightBlue Bean BLE, which will perfectly fit my needs: these little BLE boards features (besides the obvious BLE) an ATMEGA328, the same processor I am using as the guts of the project! perfect matching :) .

So this week's wish is to get my hands on one of those LightBlue Beans.