A great product deserves a great 3D case

A project log for Bicycle Computer

A simple bicycle computer that shows speed and distance on a LCD screen. It works on LiPo batteries and uses a reed switch as sensor.

Clovis FritzenClovis Fritzen 05/19/2015 at 02:130 Comments

Good evening guys, how you are all doing well.

I have now finished testing the code and also validating the hardware for my bicycle computer; You guys can check the final files (both Arduino firmware and PCB) on the links section of this project.

The last step on transforming this project on a real product is making a nice little case for it. I guess I am just lucky, because this week's hackaday prize giveaway is $50 on 3D-printed parts. This chance came in a nice time, since I have never played with 3D printed objects, and now I have the chance!.

I have already started designing the parts on "123D Design", using examples available in the software's main page (from Autodesk). Great news and great parts designs are to come!.