Created the CAD housing today.

A project log for Portable Insulin Pen/Bottle Cooler

It will electronically keep insulin cool by means of a battery, microcontroller, and peltier device.

Sean HodginsSean Hodgins 04/08/2015 at 20:510 Comments

Put the housing together with the known size of the parts I'm using(Peltier, Fan, Heatsinks) and now have a board size I can work with.

Should be all dimensioned for a shapeways print in Nylon. I will throw together a really quick PCB since its only a couple components. Board can be 32x15 which is a good amount of room. There is also room for a small LiPo, but I believe I will have to have a much larger one put on the bottom for it to be any good, and keep cool.