• 3D printed case - the beginning

    Clovis Fritzen05/16/2015 at 02:04 0 comments

    Good evening guys, how are you doing today?

    I am making great advances with my wireless-batteryless mouse project: even started designing a 3D-printed case for it!. I decided that I will be working both hardware and software in paralell, due to my will to see this beauty working. Turns out that this week's #HaD prize giveaway are 3D printing gift-cards!. There is nothing like good ideas meeting good incentives.

    For you guys to see what I have done so far: I have started learning how to use "123D design" to draw my mouse case; the base models I utilized came from the 123D design software online library itself (http://www.123dapp.com/gallery/design). The internal PCB can be found here and the mouse case is here.

    The actual 3D files I made are publicly available in this link for everyone to look at and use!.

  • "Teensy LC to go, please"

    Clovis Fritzen05/12/2015 at 02:49 0 comments

    Hello everyone,

    So as you saw in the last project low, I am already using a Teensy LC as the brains of my mouse. You also saw that it works as a HID (human interface device) almost out-of-the box; this is why I was able to (still roughly) control a mouse from an accelerometer in minutes!.

    Happens that this weeks's #HadPrize giveaway are exactly those nice #TeensyLC !!. So it would not be bad to get some more of those, for the sake of making a couple more prototypes and test new things. Let the luck be to my side, guys :)

  • LIGHTBLUE BEAN - adding bluetooth to the mouse

    Clovis Fritzen05/05/2015 at 01:52 0 comments

    Hello guys, how are you today?

    A quick update on my mouse project: I have made test on it controlling my laptop's mouse, and it works! The sketch I have used is the standard #Teensy mouse-controller, modified to get position reference from a MMA7361 accelerometer!. It is still very rough and jumpy (no smooth mouse-pointer movement yet), but I am working on code for that.

    This week's hackaday giveaway is about the LightBlue Bean, a [BLE+ Arduino Uno] board; I am very sure this product is what I need to prototype my project: a controller to read the accelerometer (Arduino) + Bluetooth BLE to send commands to a computer!.

    What you guys think of that? any ideas, suggestion? Just comment below :) . And see you next time

  • Making a PCB for the mouse

    Clovis Fritzen04/27/2015 at 04:06 0 comments

    Hello everyone! To begin prototyping my ideas out, will need the following materials:

    1- an accelerometer breakout board (which I have already ordered from eBay),

    2- a microcontroller (I will be using my brand-new Freescale-based "Teensy LC" for that,

    3- a bunch of discrete components (resistors and so on, which I already have in store) and,

    4- a Boost (step-up) breakout board from Pololu, which I already have in store as well, and

    5- I will need to order a couple of PCB's.

    So this project log is just to let you know that I will be needing to have some PCB's ordered in order to keep working on this project. See you guys next time, and keep up the good hacking!.

    My new toy, the Teensy LC: