Making a PCB for the mouse

A project log for Wireless Batteryless Mouse

It is a computer mouse free of batteries and free of cables. No need of USB connection and no special mousepad as well!.

Clovis FritzenClovis Fritzen 04/27/2015 at 04:060 Comments

Hello everyone! To begin prototyping my ideas out, will need the following materials:

1- an accelerometer breakout board (which I have already ordered from eBay),

2- a microcontroller (I will be using my brand-new Freescale-based "Teensy LC" for that,

3- a bunch of discrete components (resistors and so on, which I already have in store) and,

4- a Boost (step-up) breakout board from Pololu, which I already have in store as well, and

5- I will need to order a couple of PCB's.

So this project log is just to let you know that I will be needing to have some PCB's ordered in order to keep working on this project. See you guys next time, and keep up the good hacking!.

My new toy, the Teensy LC: