DAY 1: The mosquito racket attachment

A project log for SHIVA HANDS

Creating Funny/Tools Hands

rajarshidasgupta633rajarshidasgupta633 02/12/2018 at 17:130 Comments

We had some intense discussions on the design of the the squatter holder. The confusion was weather to keep the handle of the the racket or to make a smaller module to house the circuit.

A decision was made to keep the handle and design a holder that would balance the racket on the arm. 

Our team went on and made the required holder in time and it has been sent for printing now.

Then we hacked the racket and removed the switch that is used to generate the spark used to kill the mosquitos.

We pulled out two wires that would we connected to the sensor in the arm. The sensor will provide a high and low signal that would control the spark of the racket.