Strain Gauge Rosette RAW Bridge Output

A project log for Strain Indicator V2.0

Measuring strain using strain gauges.

Ahmed Hefnawi (Volta)Ahmed Hefnawi (Volta) 04/20/2015 at 13:491 Comment

I tested the strain indicator unit with a rosette, next step would be calibrating the readings with a commercial strain indicator at college.

The readings shown on display are just the raw voltage from the Wheatstone bridges in milli-Volts, Later I'll add the rosette as well as the linear gauges equations to calculate strain using these readings, GF (gauge factor or sensitivity) which is dependant on gauge material/type and finally the orientation and bridge configuration (Full-Bridge / Quarter-Bridge).

In my case all the channels are quarter bridges with 120 Ohm SMD resistors.

Awaiting feedback =)


rseeva wrote 10/14/2017 at 16:49 point

as long as your gain is 1000 and excitation voltage is 2V - you would gaet the readings in microstrain with a gage factor of 2

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