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A project log for DIY Quadrocopter

Yet another Quadrocopter - built from scratch. Running on a STM32 evaluation board.

hebel23hebel23 04/08/2015 at 20:050 Comments

The MPU-6000 IMU (inertial measurement unit) board was not to get for a reasonable price.

Instead, I got an MPU-6050 breakout board for 2,55 € in China.

Unfortunately, the MPU-6000 and MPU-6050 are not 100% compatible. Thus, the MPU-6050, for example, no SPI but only I²C. With a small change at the Aero quad source is also not a problem.

#define MPU6000_I2C
#include <Platform_MPU6000.h>
#include <Gyroscope_MPU6000.h>
#include <Accelerometer_MPU6000.h>

I've found it here

Setting up for the MPU-6050

How to compile the Aero Quad-source code is shown here:

Compilation AeroQuad

The Discovery board is connected to the "AeroQuad Configurator" through the USB/serial interface. With that software you can do several configurations and tests.

First of all I tried to simulate the remote control by my little frequency generator and looked what the motor output shows on the oscilloscope.

Fortunately by accident I found the the AEROQUAD Project. They developed an open source flight control for multicopter, running also on the STM32F4Discovery board!

Because i had a STM32F4Discovery board laying around, I wanted to use it as the flight controller for the quadrocopter.