Hacking the remote control

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Yet another Quadrocopter - built from scratch. Running on a STM32 evaluation board.

hebel23hebel23 04/08/2015 at 20:390 Comments

The next thing was to add an LED backlight because the display is difficult to read in the sun.

Unfortunately the firmware is not the best choice. But since it has an AVR Mega as main controller, there are a couple of alternative firmware projects for this remote control. I decided to put "er9x" on it. All I have to do is to solder an ISP plug on the right pins of the controller and take my AVR JTAG ICE3.

The FlySky TH9X is a relative cheap 8 channel 2,4GHz remote control. I payed 80 Euros for a brand new couple of a receiver and the transmitter.