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A project log for Scanning Tunneling Microscope

A delve into Dan Berard's and John Alexander's designs

rbalsan1rbalsan1 05/02/2020 at 19:510 Comments

So after declaring that I would get to this Project 2 years ago the world had changed and I found a friend who world encourage me to finish this.  So for starters I have decided to muddle my way through Dan Berard's (here)documentation.  The following documentation is a copy exact.  I would like  to not waste time if possible. 

The year is now 2020 and I have been looking into building an STM since around 2012.  I was still in grad school and was not shy about free-sampling parts.  That is when  I acquired an OPA124U for this build.  The chip has since gone obsolete but my tutorial (when  I finish it)  will reflect a replacement not the original.  I will also be hacking around the preamp and spectroscopy  (but first copy exact).  

I fished  putting the vibration Isolation table together.  I will write a detailed tutorial for this very soon.

and I soldered together the boards to get started testing and hacking.  I learned so much just building the vibration isolation table its a little crazy.  Hopefully I get the Teensy code up and going this weekend.  Look forward to reporting back.