Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2015

A project log for Arachnio Due

An Arduino Micro variant with an ARM Cortex M4 and onboard WiFi

pierce-nicholsPierce Nichols 09/21/2015 at 02:090 Comments

We took the Arachnio Due to the Seattle Mini Maker Faire in the form of a couple of sumo bots based on Jeremy's wifibot project. The bots, with a little maintenance, lasted most of the weekend, which was awesome. Dozens of people took the opportunity to drive the bots and challenge each other in our robosumo ring over the weekend.

We'll get pictures and video up in a couple of days once we've recovered from the weekend. In order to get notifications about the Arachnio Due and a heads-up when our Kickstarter goes live, please sign up for our email list.