2017 Project Revival

A project log for Jeremy The Butler Bot

A talking mobile butler robot fitted with a British accent, using Arduino components and accessories.

Austin MarandosAustin Marandos 09/12/2017 at 02:090 Comments

After sitting in my attic collecting dust for over 2 years, it is time.....

The British Butler has been out of work for too long.....

My dream of having a personalized butler must come true!

To get the project running once again, I've decided to enter the project into the 2017 Hackaday prize. Unfortunately i was too late to enter Jeremy into the 'Wheels, wings, and walkers' challenge which would have fitted perfectly. 

The main issue that i last had was developing the navigation control. Originally i was going to use an adafruit Flora colour sensor combined with ultrasonic sensors to navigate from point A (my kitchen table) to point B (the couch). This would have required me to have put down some tape or colour on the floor and trace out the path that Jeremy would have to take. This most likely would not have worked too effectively and therefore I abandoned the idea.

I will need to re-evaluate my navigation techniques, possibly by using radar or an xbox kinect sensor.