A few more teardown pictures

A project log for Savin C2020 Teardown

When life gives you photocopiers...

zakqwyzakqwy 04/22/2015 at 22:340 Comments

A bit delayed, but here are the balance of the teardown shots from earlier this month.

I found a number of cooling fans in various spots; a few of them use hilariously complicated and intricate ducts to direct air exactly where the designers needed it:

The copier uses a number of high voltage (well, somewhat high voltage--low kilovolt range) circuits to charge drums, all provided by this board:

The HV leads run through a molded plastic tray on their way to the drums; here, I've pulled a few of the white leads out of the tray and left others in place:

The machine uses a pretty standard looking computer, although most of the chips are Ricoh-branded (apparently Savin = Ricoh). HDD is 40 GB:

This little curved tube is actually an Archimedes' screw for transporting black toner. Yeah, it pretty much got everywhere... as cool as this part was, it was too messy to reuse. Another interesting note--take a look at all the blue permanent marker scribbles! Tons and tons of these all over screws, brackets, wiring harnesses, and more; I'm guessing they're part of a final quality check at the factory:

Okay, so this is what we all came for: motors. The copier has lots of motors. I'll follow up with a thorough inventory of stuff I grabbed, but you can see a number of digital brushless motors in this picture; they're all pretty heavy, 24vdc, 16-24W, and include small helical drive gears. No datasheets, so reusing them will be a fun challenge: