Final Assembly and Working Device!

A project log for WΛLLTΞCH PHΛNTOM: Bone-Conduction BT Audio

A BT/NFC bone-conduction audio device that transmits sound directly to the auditory nerve through the skull. Music for the deaf & disabled.

WΛLLTΞCHWΛLLTΞCH 08/17/2015 at 20:490 Comments

It works! This project has been a dream in its conception and realization at Stanford. My PCB worked first try, the case did too, so did the BT config, it was magic. The great people of EE47, Professor David Sirkin and the TAs, Akshay Trikha and Joe Aubuchon, best lab lads ever, Room 36 (The Stanford Product Realization Lab makerspace), Adafruit for being awesome, Microchip for making the best BT audio module ever, Bay Area Circuits for the invitation to tour their facility and donating 8 fabulous PCBs from their latest production tech, and all those who's floored jaws in wonder from a little box on the back of their head kept me so passionate about this project, I thank you. Here it is in all its glory (not all of it because the case needs to be printed with shapeways in gloss white, I need a strap for it, and the transducers need mounts, but it works ;) )