After someone I knew who is a long-time Jaguar fan purchased a sightly used Daimler (the extra fancy hand assembled limousine variants of Jaguar cars) for a song, a few issues were discovered... One of the minor issues was that some of the privacy blind clips for the rear windows were broken. Due to extremely limited production numbers spare parts were hard to come by or very expensive. So I was asked to design and 3D print something suitable. Using a callipers the broken parts of the remanining clips were measured and the design recreated in OpenSCAD. These were then printed in Black ABS on a Makerbot Thing-o-Matic. The holes were drilled out to the correct size and using some acetone the parts were given a smooth glossy finish. As the car's new owner didn't like their glossy nature they were roughed up to a satin finish using some fine sandpaper. Since we couldn't get them to match the existing parts perfectly we just replaced all of them at once and kept the originals as spares. As far as I know they are still working several years later and once the car had some other issues seen to (replacing all the no-longer-available bulbs for every backlit switch with LEDs, plastic welding of cracked interior trim pieces) it saw some use for weddings and other special occasions.