Case, part 1

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DIY media center (running OpenELEC)

darth_llamahdarth_llamah 04/21/2015 at 11:240 Comments

The Itona case had to be modified.


It was designed to house a mITX motherboard with 55W PSU. 2 USB ports were present on the front and I hoped that DVD will fit there with minimal effort. Unfortunately the drive was about 1mm thicker than available space so more cutting was required:

Initial fit:

Support for the drive (on the right side) was made using 4mm acrylic I had lying around.

Near the front plate 2 additional pieces of acrylic were added- glued to the centeral one, then I drilled 2 2mm holes to make a taps for the M3 screws:

These were necessary to connect everything to the front plate- additional 2 holes were made and tapped:

Finished mouting:

And the right side DVD mount: