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DIY media center (running OpenELEC)

darth_llamahdarth_llamah 05/03/2015 at 19:210 Comments

It's time to mount the back panel
HDMI mount- I've made a 2x1cm hole for the female-female connector, one end was trimmed down but this was intentional:

Mount is made using acrylic scraps and aluminum sheet, this is how it looked before trimming down:

I've epoxied 2 pieces of acrylic to make the back plate more durable near the air vent

I could have used thinner ones- air vent area is now much more rigid than the other half ;)
Visible part of the back panel is made out of an old laptop, because it's not long enough I'll use two parts. Getting ready for epoxy:

And after gluing all together and trimming down:

I could do it better- connection between black plastics is not the best one, you can see it on the left side of HDMI connector; power adapter is already attached and the hole for mains cable is ready:

And the panel in all it's glory in the case:

All parts in the case are on their places and connected:

Wifi extension cable is made from a thin coaxial cable (removed form a laptop) with crimped RP-SMA connectors. Connectors are made for a thicker one but this one works fine- no problems with signal.

As for the MCE remote- I may have to use an older OpenELEC build. I've compiled from sources but still remote is not recognized.

If Kodi/XBMC temperature reading is correct it may be possible not to use the cooling fan after all. During the test run SoC didn't reach 45 Celsius