• Weather Prophet Watch Prototype Testing

    Sam The Samuri03/19/2014 at 14:31 0 comments

    I connected all of the sensors (the Humidity/Temperature Sensor and Barometric Pressure Sensor) to the Arduino, along with the OLED display.  (See Picture)  This initial test shows the basics of the watch, reading out the values of the sensors.  I used the example code for the OLED display as a starting point, then ported in the libraries for the DHT11 sensor and the BMP085 sensor.  I will provide the prototype code here and on my blog as soon as I have gotten a chance to clean it up.

     So far the prototype is acting as a good proof of concept before proceeding to the next steps.  A few issues I need to correct are the updating of the values received from the sensors.  Currently the entire screen refreshes every 3 seconds.  I need to modify the code to only update the values as they change.  

    Other things which need to be updated/added are graphics and calculations within the code. The goal is to store some of the barometric pressure readings over a period of time to give a best guess on the upcoming weather conditions and display graphics as such. Also as it is a watch, I am considering adding a real time clock, so the time can be displayed as well.

    After testing all of the individual components in the proof of concept prototype I will begin trying to scale the form factor down with other things I have in my lab. Then ultimately design a custom PCB for the sensors and controls of the watch.