Have a spare surgical arm lying around? Why not turn it into an overkilled monitor stand?

At my work, we had an old Zeiss surgical microscope arm lying around (without the microscope). It's very tall and heavy, but has nice adjustable joints with very smooth friction.

I started with measuring the bore where the microscope shaft usually goes. From there I drafted a simple 100mm VESA mount and shaft that fits the bore. Attaching the shaft to the mount will let me rotate the mount horizontally.

After printing, I did a dry assembly to see how the two components fit together.

Things are looking pretty good, so the mount is attached to the back of the monitor using M4 x 12mm screws.

The mount is then fastened the printed shaft using a 1/4-20 x 4" nut and bolt.

Bingo bongo, we now have a rediculously huge and heavy monitor arm!