Vacuum cleaner attachment holder

6 iterations of a design of something supposedly simple. Hold a vacuum cleaner attachment in place and not break during use.

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Bought a new Vax and they delivered it with a useful accessory; the 'Turbo Tool', but nowhere to store it on the cleaner itself. Seemed like a task for my new 3D printer, so I got onto Onshape (all interations of the design can be found here: )V1, was never made because it wouldn't have worked. V2, worked but broke when hit against a door frame. V3 was just V2 but with bracing and made of red PETG for extra strength. Was no match for the door frameV4 was a totally different design to reduce chance of hitting door frames and I went back to PLA. The vacuum cleaner cable managed to wrap around the part and break it off at the natural weak point. V5 was intentionally 2 parts so that when hit into t

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