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Peter WalshPeter Walsh 03/06/2016 at 05:200 Comments

My hackerspace, Makeit Labs, was awarded $250,000 in tax credits to help move and renovate. We must sell these credits before the end of the month, or we lose them!

We're looking for NH businesses to purchase the credits by making a donation to us and reducing their own taxes.

Under the credit program, a typical business donating $10,000 would save $9,000 on their state and federal taxes! That $10,000 donation would cost them only $1006!

New Hampshire provides a handy calculator that shows what your results would be for your donated amount.

Donors complete a pledge form by March 31, and make the purchase by June 30. (Contact us.)

If you work for a NH company, please ask them to consider pledging to purchase some of our tax credits!

MakeitLabs has a lot of really smart people. We frequently help out by answering questions and giving assistance to members and other people who drop by. We helped one company so much that they bought us a laser cutter, and we recently helped a local business owner avoid an $8,000 repair bill.

We're setting up a tech incubator for businesses to come and use our facilities. If your company does engineering development or experiments, or just wants access to a 3-d printer or laser cutter (and many other tools), consider getting a membership for one of your employees.

Open house every Thursday from 6:30pm to 9:00pm in Nashua, NH (map).