Rolliflex redux log

A project log for ro-ro-reroll-your-Rolleiflex

Film rules...but the king is almost dead. Refactor your Rolleiflex 6008AF without the king's ransom.

counter.culturecounter.culture 04/30/2015 at 11:580 Comments

2015-04-29 A collection of sub-optimal 3MP imaging sensors from ON semi were ordered for experimentation. Still in due diligence phase for righteous size/capacity/open information sensors. CMOSIS can suck it - no soup for them.

2015-05-06 Got an email this morning that the sensors have been shipped - oh dread, time to stop dreaming and start working out the details.

2015-05-08 Thar be CMOS sensors here!!!

2015-05-09 Thinking about a PIC32MZ and a PIC-tail just to get the hang of vacuuming image data (fairly simple device vs. the $1500+ multi-lane differential chips):

[[app note schematic]]

- then Xilinx Spartan 6 and some simple timing logic to stitch the output of more of these together ("LEXX, Destroy that planet!!!").

[[rough throw away design image goes here]]

Probably a total waste of time except for the learning, but curiosity is longing for a cat... Crawl before we run (or get run over).