An open source, modular urban agriculture system. We share tools that help build ecologically resilient, healthy communities.

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AKER is a modular, open source growing system. It supplies digital designs that can be "printed" locally using a CNC router. Each kit cuts from a single 4x8 sheet of material.

Industrial agriculture is massively wasteful. It consumes huge amounts of fossil fuels, coats our land in toxic chemicals, replaces balanced ecosystems with single crop cultures, and all to supply food which offers at best sub-par nutritional value.

AKER helps to re-localise healthy food production by providing simple, snap together kits that take the complexity out of getting started with food production. Cities are where most people now live, so AKER system helps make the most out of small urban spaces using vertical growing space and modular, expandable design.

The designs are open source, so global collaboration can help keep improving the system.

Here are some video on the AKER project, and the Open Source Beehives project which we also co-founded;

AKER crowdfunder

AKER update

Open Source Beehives

  • 1 × Plywood 4x8x18-21mm
  • 1 × CNC Router With CAM required software etc.
  • 1 × Organic materials for food Soil, worms, chickens, seeds etc.

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