Rewriting this as an advertisement/instructions:

STEP 1: Build the unit

Assemble the wooden frame IKEA-Style, and add the pots.

STEP 2: Fill the pots

Add 50% dirt and 50% potting soil.

STEP 3: Add the sensors

Stick the moisture, temperature, and light sensors into the pot(s) and register the hub with your WIFI.

Register your device with our website, giving us your location.


Wait a few days!

The system is busy charting the environment of your planter (how much shade does it get and when? what temperature does it get to?)

Depending on the current weather pattern in your area we may need to watch your planter for anywhere between 3-10 days.

STEP 5: Go Shopping

Once the system factors in your location, the current time of year, and the daily light/shade/temperature cycles of your planter, we will recommend to you what you can effectively plant in your planter. You can order seeds or plants directly from our website, or print out your order and take it to your local nursery.

STEP 6: Watering & Care

Our system will monitor your plants via the sensors. It'll tell you when to water (and when it's got enough).

If you purchased our Self-Watering upgrade, just hook the irrigation system into your outdoor spigot and relax! We'll do the watering for you and we'll do it perfectly!


Having trouble? Take a picture of your setup or failing plant and post it on our forums. Our helpful community will work with you to figure it out!


Hate watering? Buy our auto-irrigation system.

Feeling eco-friendly? Purchase our rain barrel and integrate it into your irrigation system.

Having trouble with pests? We've got an upgrade with a PIR sensor, speaker, LED's and servos to scare them away!

Want to get into mulching? We've got a mulching kit!

Want to grow your garden? You can register multiple systems with your account and manage them all!

Register for our pro service and one of our professionals will work with you from planting to harvest!


After talking to my wife I had some other thoughts:

The company could sell K-Cups style biodegradable cups with dirt and seeds in them as starters. Also, have large biodegradable full sized dirt/soil containers so nobody needs to mix dirt & potting soil. Can add RFID tags to the K-Cups so the system recognizes what you've planted.

Also, I think I would build the sensors into each pot, and use a MOLEX style connector to connect it back to the hub.

Saw a turret motion sensing water pistol, wondering if that'd work better than other things to scare off pests.