Microreader is dead, long live Microreader 2

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Tiny portable device, allowing browsing and reading text files

jaromir.sukubajaromir.sukuba 07/03/2014 at 07:050 Comments

D'oh... my original Microreader is... lost.

I can't physically find it in my home workshop. Don't know whether somebody borrowed it or what, but I simply can't find it anymore. Maybe it is somehow related to exceptionally high level of entropy in my workshop (read as "mess") and the fact that microreader is really tiny. If it would be half a meter long, it would be easier to find.  Not that I need it very much, but I wanted to attach accelerometer to it and try porting openspritz to it.

evermind. I designed new PCB with accelerometer included on it.

Don't get fooled by picture size - it is actually 42x14,8mm. It is two milimeters wider and one milimeter shorter than original Microreader and should be "embeddable" into 3D printed enclosure, unlinke first microreader, intended as designer's joke with bare PCB. I rectified some design flaws of first version too.

I expect PCB to arrive at the end of next week, key components are already here.