Anti-Commie Laser Drone – Fully Autonomous

Searches for, targets and destroys surveillance cameras. Prearranged or parasitic recharge strategy prevents compromise of the operator.

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UAV with machine-vision/auto-targeting and a servo-aimed high power laser for disabling optics at close range. May use destructive attachments other than a laser. Uses a parasitic recharge strategy involving theft of hydrocarbons or exchange of electrons.

The current estimate of the number of government-run public surveillance cameras in China is 20-30 million. That is a seriously frightening number - that's one camera for every 50 people. This drone will be able to target and permanently disable the optics in these cameras by over-saturating and frying the photo sensor (the CCD) with a high power pulse of light from a diode-based laser.

The deployment of this type of destructive technology is warranted by the unreasonable actions of the communist government that so boldly violate human rights: it is required to restore the right of nearly 1.4 billion people to be secure in their persons from unreasonable searches.

Ensuring the safety of innocent human bystanders will be thoroughly accounted for by implementing multiple safeguards in the design prior to creating a prototype, as mere reflections of high power laser light of various wavelengths may cause permanent blindness. Alternative designs could spray-paint over the lens, disable electronics with high voltage probes, physically sever electronic connections, etc - this might also alleviate the safety concern.

The drone must be fully autonomous and parasitic so it cannot be followed back to its operator. This requires machine vision, target acquisition, and attack follow-through, with no human input. It also requires navigation (altimeter + GPS?) and plenty of memory storage (recording what targets were previously destroyed, future targets, navigation routes, etc). The drone may be networked over wifi or bluetooth or other radio coms channel, with the ground network and/or with other drones. Furthermore, the drone must have a predetermined refueling/recharging station set up clandestinely by the operator that allows for autonomous recharge, or it must be parasitic and steal gasoline or electricity.

Cost should be evaluated relative to the number of cameras destroyed before hardware/software failure or operational compromise occurs. For a robust design, the ideal cost is probably somewhere in the low hundreds of dollars after refining the design. The first prototype might cost a lot more in order to incorporate all the necessary technology using off-the-shelf or oem parts, or anything from McMaster Carr.....

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davedarko wrote 04/18/2015 at 13:58 point

reminds me of the fried DSLRs on public laser shows. How will you seperate tourists?

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Andre Esteves wrote 04/18/2015 at 12:25 point

Commie? You'd probably be persecuted for destroying private property!

Anyhow the future are camera surveillance drones. Feel free to contribute to their development...

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Dylan Bleier wrote 04/18/2015 at 17:52 point

in China, private property own you!

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Andre Esteves wrote 04/18/2015 at 19:05 point

Exactly. All property is practically property of the elite. No difference from capitalism...

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davedarko wrote 04/18/2015 at 09:48 point

If there ever will be one - is very well listed in google and even in china they will be able to use google ;) but I would love to see that laser shark! Aren't there toys like shark submarines?

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