Let's Recognize characters !

A project log for OpenVideoMagnifier

This project is about developing free (as in freedom) imagery software and hardware for visually deficient people.

AmarOkAmarOk 04/24/2015 at 15:310 Comments

For very visually deficient people, the Open Video Magnifier offers an OCR.

The software makes some steps:

- Get the image:


- Clusterize the text in some groups & give a logical order:

A lot of clustering algorithm without any order exists already. To give an order to the clusters can be a difficulty :).

Example of a very basic clustering algorithm (kmeans):



I will try some algorithm with order later.

- Each group is processed by an open source OCR: GOCR give pretty good results

- Correct the OCR output. Later.

- Give the text to a vocal synthesis. (espeak, festival, etc?)