SerialPlot v0.6 - Commands & Snapshots

A project log for SerialPlot - Realtime Plotting Software

Small and simple software for plotting data from serial port

Hasan Yavuz ÖzderyaHasan Yavuz Özderya 10/18/2015 at 16:050 Comments

This release of SerialPlot brings two new features that I believe will be very useful.

Commands feature, allow you to define simple text (or binary) commands and send them to the connected device with a click.

With snapshots feature, you can capture the current state of the waveform without pausing and loosing data. Later you can open that snapshot in a separate window, rename and even save it to a CSV file. It's also possible to load a snapshot back from the CSV file.

As always you can download the binary installations for Debian Linux and Windows from downloads page.