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Convert older non-GOTO telescope mount to a modern GOTO with wireless communications and android application

steven.sageriansteven.sagerian 04/21/2015 at 18:311 Comment

10/14/2014 HD and I begin collaboration on hardware design based on his original work.

11/14/2014 Shipped two revision A boards to HD for testing, kept two boards for my own testing and learning.

12/30/2014 Began rev B boards redesign, incorporating all the bug fixes discovered on the Rev A revision.

1/4/2015 Made rev B boards available to all cloudynights forum members interested in using the integrated board. Build 10 boards.

3/2/2015 Last rev B aboard shipped to cloudy nights members.

4/10/2015 Began Rev C board development, which will add onboard power supply (SMPS) to simplify power requirements.


steven.sagerian wrote 08/10/2015 at 18:29 point

I have created two website pages to document the onstep hardware and the LX50 conversion..


and See for the LX50

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