LightBlue Bean and dust sensor on the way

A project log for Indoor air pollution reduction

Reduce particulate air pollution indoors without wasting energy

shlonkinshlonkin 05/09/2015 at 13:130 Comments

Thank you HackADay

I was browsing HackADay as usual when I noticed this project on a list of winners for the weekly giveaways. Yay! I really wasn't expecting to win anything, but now that I have I am motivated to get to work on this project. And the LightBlue Bean I won seems to fit right in as the main controller as you can see in the system diagram.

Also, I purchased a dust sensor off ebay: Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F . I can't seem to find any specs about particle size, so it might turn out to be worthless as a PM2.5 sensor, but I'm crossing my fingers. There were other sensors with more complete specs, but they were more expensive. I did see this interesting page about using this sensor with an arduino and the results look kind of promising.